Friday, May 31, 2013

Hiking - Hidden Falls - May 31, 2013

Five of us journeyed up to Auburn to go check out the trails at Hidden Falls. Lots of beautiful trails for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Lots of wildlife, including a king snake and huge tadpoles, and lots of wildflowers, too!

 A California King Snake crossed the trail in front of us. 
Considering they kill Rattlesnakes, we were glad to see this one! 
 Seriously? Cattle grazing?? Okay!

 Karen's checking the map against the sign to make sure we are where we think we are!
 What a beautiful place for an observation deck!
 Lots of mountain bikers on the trail today.

 As well as folks on horseback.
 And, then there was us!

 Gail and Pink enjoying the view.

 Peggy and Lynn taking lots of photos. 
 Lynn's PB&J looked like it had seen better days, but she said it still tasted great!
 Can't beat the philosophy of Starbuck's sandwich packaging!
 Manzanita bark peeling. 
They say the tree stays cool no matter what the temperature it is outside. 
 Pink certainly enjoyed our hike! 
 Gigantic tadpoles!

This fella is getting his legs already!
 Queen Anne's Lace

 Blooming blackberries!



Friday, May 24, 2013

Hiking - Folsom Lake Trail - May 24, 2013

None of us had the entire day to spend driving to and from a far away hiking location, but none of us wanted to sit home and not enjoy the beautiful day, so we went for a great walk/hike on a trail that goes along Folsom Lake. We ended up walking over 6 miles, so I'd call that a hike! (I wish I had taken a photo of how dusty my legs and shoes were once we were done!)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kayaking - Lake Natoma - May 23, 2013

Our first monthly kayaking trip planned for the summer. We enjoyed paddling around and visiting the bird estuary to see all the many nests in the trees. Here's some images from this outing ...