I am a get-outside-and-enjoy-the-day kind of woman. I would rather be outside walking through the woods, fields, and along the waters edge rather than just about  anywhere ... Except underwater. Underwater is my favorite place to be!   
I have seen commercials recently that suggest everyone should get out and find whatever exercise is right for him/her - Just get out and exercise! It has been my experience that getting exercise makes me feel better. I just have more energy     throughout the day! From what I have read, if you exercise first thing after you get up, you will boost your metabolism and have more long-term energy ... Who can resist that?!?
I have found out I really like to walk. I can throw on my sneakers, grab a camera and go for a walk. It's a great way to explore the community and nature, plus it     gives me more opportunities to take photographs and learn more about the flora,   fauna and creatures that share the local environment. Walking also gives me       time to think, to plan, to clear my mind.   
 I love to scuba dive. Scuba diving has been my profession since 1996. I love it   more now than I did when I first started and I cannot ever imagine a time in my life when I would not want to scuba dive. Scuba diving is great exercise.  Staying is decent shape to scuba dive is important, so cross training during down time is a   good idea. Walking and swimming help tone muscles, so I swim a lot weather      permitting. Yoga and Pilates help with balance, core strength, and overall good    health. I am planning on adding more yoga and Pilates to my routine, as well.       Stretching, deep breathing, drinking lots of water and getting plenty of sleep are a part of my daily routine, no matter where I am or what the conditions are like. 

I never used to watch Donald Trump's Apprentice shows, but Conrad had always been a fan, so I decided to give them a try a few years ago ... Now I'm hooked. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago the task was to create a presentation (including a box design) for Walgreens' new promotion: Walk with Walgreens. (They have teemed up with the  Magic Johnson Foundation  on this project.) The following day the boxes would appear on the shelves at Walgreen's, so I decided to go get a couple first thing that morning.
So, I trekked out to Walgreen's, handed over $6.00 for two boxes and away I went. Inside the boxes was a nifty Walgreen's drawstring backpack and an inexpensive pedometer. Once I got home I went online and registered. it takes maybe two minutes to fill everything out and check for the verification email. Super easy!
I immediately started wearing it an have racked up almost 100,000 steps in less than two weeks! Granted, several days were high-action days while touring Switzerland, but still, it's exercise! It's easy to log on every evening and add your steps, but I wasn't able to do that while we were gone. Luckily you can back-date entries, so I didn't lose any data.
I have since bought a more sophisticated pedometer that I put on every morning. It's a habit now, so it's pretty much second nature.
Anyone up for a challenge? Go to Walgreens' get a $3.00 box and join me! Add me as a friend ... I'm PaleoMermaid!
Here's a link to their website: Walk with Walgreens