Friday, April 19, 2013

Hiking - Fairy Falls - April 19, 2013

Lynn and I went with the same meet up group that Karen and I went with last week. Previous commitments kept all three of us from being able to go on both. We're really enjoying hiking together, plus the travel getting to the sites and back are lots of fun, too! Great friends, great times!

Fairy Falls is a nice hike, although it's a little confusing as to which trail goes where. See? That's one of the reasons we are hiking with this group ... Their event hosts know where we are supposed to go! Here's the information she gave us before the hike:


A beautiful hike for Spring. Fairy Falls, also known as Shingle Falls, Dry Creek Falls,and Beale Falls is in the Spenceville Wildlife Area east of Marysville. We'll make a semi-loop trip and enjoy the wildflowers and scenery. The hike starts out on an old dirt road;  we'll go to the top of the falls,  and take another route up the creek, and cross-country over the hills back. Thanks go to Jim C (Sierra Club) for the "new" route.

Expectations: Bring water and lunch and sturdy shoes - we'll eventually be walking over cow-pocked meadows. We'll hike at a leisurely pace. If you drive, expect to get a dusty car from the dirt roads.
Wildflowers: From Wildflowers of Nevada and Placer Counties (CNPS, 2007): "Spenceville features serene vistas of grassy rolling hills with majestic Blue Oak, Interior Live Oak, and Valley Oak. Spring wildflowers include Fairy Lanterns, Royal Larkspur, Douglas' Violet, Harvest Brodiaea, Red Maids, Grass Nut, Winecup Clarkia, Blue Dicks, Caterpillar Phacelia, Gold Nuggets, Woolly Sunflower, Tufted Poppy, and popcorn flowers."
Here's the tracking map of the loop we hiked.

Lupines and Clover in full bloom
Fairy Falls from above.
Common Aster
Fairy Lanterns

Blue Dick or Common Brodiaea


The hills are alive ... :-)

That's One Big Tree Lynn's walking under! The stories that tree could tell ... 

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