Friday, June 14, 2013

Hiking - Mt. Judah and Donner - June 14, 2013

Lynn and I were a bit apprehensive about going on this hike because of the description ... Altitude climb of over 1,700 feet! The first part of the trail was loaded with switchbacks ... and rocks. Karen's description was very appropriate,  "It appears we are ripping off the band aid quickly as the most difficult part of the hike is in the beginning" as most of the climb was at the beginning meaning most of the descent was at the end. There was a pretty healthy climb between Mt. Donner and Mt. Judah with a lot of switchbacks, as well. There were a few times I questioned my own sanity, but it was well worth the efforts! Absolutely breathtaking views all around! Here are some of the images I captured along our journey ...

Mountain Pride Penstemon

Snow Plant

Mountain Mule Ears
Hillsides filled with them!
Indian Paintbrush


Here we are atop Mt. Donner!

Mountain Pride Penstemon

Pink Star Onion

A sunbow!

An amazing trail for wildflowers and breathtaking scenery!

More Mule Ears ... LOTS more!

More Indian Paintbrushes

Crimson Columbine

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