Sunday, November 17, 2013

RECIPE: Cinnamon Roll Waffles (NOT Paleo or Low Carb!!)

Every once in a while we find recipes for things that are just too decadent to pass up. I've been very good following a Low Carb lifestyle and staying extremely active, so I decided to allow myself a cheat day. Yes, that would be a 24 hour period where I can, within reason, allow myself to deviate from my regular lifestyle choices. I ate a fully loaded pumpkin muffin for lunch yesterday and within minutes I was dealing with a major hot flash. For dinner I mostly ate low carb ... Raclette and steamed broccoli, but I did have a few strands of pasta, and that really pushed me over the edge. Hot flash city! (I will have to admit, though ... I was FREEZING, so the added heat wasn't totally unappreciated.)

So, this brings me to breakfast this morning. Before I vowed to stick to low carb eating, I had purchased one of those tubes of pre-made cinnamon rolls. You know the kind ... You unwrap the label and the tube splits open making sounds similar to a gun going off ... The kind that contains a small pot of sugary cinnamon glaze that seeps put inside the tube and creates a huge mess before you even realize it. Yes ... You know the one. Many of us grew up smelling them as they baked in the oven and we just about burst with excitement waiting to taste their yummy goodness. (Then paid dearly for it later!)

Today was no different from those childhood memories. Well, almost. The big difference was that the waffle iron was involved and the baking time was shortened considerably. Here's what happened ...

I started with a hot waffle iron, butter flavored grape seed oil and Pillsbury "Grands" cinnamon rolls.

 After spraying the heated waffle iron, I placed the raw cinnamon rolls inside and closed the lid.

 Once the green light came on, indicating they were done, I opened the lid and ... 
 Sure enough ... They were perfectly done!
 I warmed the cinnamon glaze and drizzled it on top of the waffles and served with fruit, meats and a spot of cheese.
 Makes for a beautiful breakfast!

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