Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hiking - Horsetail Falls - August 1, 2013

As part of a meet up, nine of us went for a hike to Horsetail Falls. I've seen it many times on the drive back from Lake Tahoe, but never ever dream I'd actually hike up to it! Yet, here we were ... At the parking lot suiting up for our trek up the hill. What makes this hike different from most that we've done is that the trail is virtually unmarked! 

 Some parts are dirt paths through wooded areas ... Those are pretty obvious ...

 But the parts where you make your way across huge granite slabs ... Not so much!
 There are a few "Trail" signs, but very few. 

 Can you see the waterfall off in the distance??? 
 That's Horsetail Falls!
 We are entering the Desolation Wilderness.
I'm quite fascinated with it these days!

 We followed along the river all the way up.
Even when we weren't that close to it we could hear it off to our right. 

 Beautiful, crystal clear water and skies! Who could ask for more?

 Here's where we got our permit, filled it out, and deposited the stub so the park rangers know we are there. It surprises me there's no place to list an emergency contact and number!

 We took a quick breather to fuel up and/or quench our thirsts while enjoying the scenery ... 

 Gail was carrying a double load ... 
Her backpack and a front pack with her dog, Jacqueline, AKA Pink

 Peggy jokingly decided she had had enough! 
(This woman can out-hike the rest of us with her hands tied behind her back!)
 Getting closer!

 I had to have proof I was there! :-)

 And, now for the trek back down the mountain ... 

Closing in on the end of the trail. 
What a beautiful trail! Beautiful day! Beautiful waterfall! Beautiful friends!

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