Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Walk - Mosquito Trail Placerville - August 27, 2013

With the worst fire in Yosemite history still going strong, the winds have brought lots of smoke north into the Sierra Nevada foothills and mountains. We didn't go hiking yesterday as originally planned, but we still wanted to get out, get some exercise and enjoy nature. So, Mary Ellen and I headed up to Placerville to go for a walk along the Mosquito Trail with our friend Gail.
 This is how it looked in Cameron Park at 8:15 this morning ... 
 And, in Placerville shortly afterwards.
I promise there are mountains in the background! 
 Looks like Bigfoot stepped in paint and walked the same trail!

 No need for sunglasses this morning.

 Oh, dear ... Is Fall just around the corner?

 Common Madia

 Crazy! There are mountains back there!

 Goldenrod with a visitor ... 
 Buzzing off to the next flower. 
 Queen Anne's Lace seeds
 Blanket Flowers

 Purple Coneflowers

This is heading West on Highway 50 between El Dorado Hills and Folsom. Normally the skyline of Sacramento is crystal clear and the mountains of Napa are off in the distance. Today we were lucky to even be able to see Prairie City exit!

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