Friday, August 9, 2013

Hiking - Loon Lake - August 9, 2013

Mary Ellen and I hiked a beautiful trail along the south rim of Loon Lake. We went almost to where the trail splits off to Spider Lake and we realized we hadn't allowed enough time to complete the entire route, so at the three hour mark we enjoyed our lunch while looking as breathtaking scenery and headed back. We will definitely be going back sometime soon AND we will allow more time! 

A Callippe Fritillary Butterfly. (Speyeria callippe macaria)
These bright red/burnt orange plants are Pinedrops (Pterospora Andromedea)
Pinedrops (Pterospora Andromedea)

Pussy Paws (Cistanthe)

I'm a big fan of amber, so I was totally fascinated by all the sap on this felled tree!

I don't think this boulder is going anywhere any time soon!
A beautifully maintained trail filled with amazing views!

Sierra Gooseberries AKA Roezl's Gooseberry (Ribes Roezlii variation Roezlii)
I found a half-eaten pod on the ground. I hear they're good raw, cooked or dried.
I will never get tired of the HUGE redwood trees!
Absolutely breathtaking.

Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja) 

Loon Lake and Pleasant Lake join here.
Waxy Checkerbloom AKA White-Veined Mallow (Sidalcea Glaucescens)

Topography map of the trail

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