Friday, April 13, 2012

EXERCISE: Walk with Walgreens

I never used to watch Donald Trump's Apprentice shows, but Conrad had always been a fan, so I decided to give them a try a few years ago ... Now I'm hooked. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago the task was to create a presentation (including a box design) for Walgreens' new promotion: Walk with Walgreens. (They have teemed up with the  Magic Johnson Foundation  on this project.) The following day the boxes would appear on the shelves at Walgreen's, so I decided to go get a couple first thing that morning.
So, I trekked out to Walgreen's, handed over $6.00 for two boxes and away I went. Inside the boxes was a nifty Walgreen's drawstring backpack and an inexpensive pedometer. Once I got home I went online and registered. it takes maybe two minutes to fill everything out and check for the verification email. Super easy!
I immediately started wearing it an have racked up almost 100,000 steps in less than two weeks! Granted, several days were high-action days while touring Switzerland, but still, it's exercise! It's easy to log on every evening and add your steps, but I wasn't able to do that while we were gone. Luckily you can back-date entries, so I didn't lose any data.
I have since bought a more sophisticated pedometer that I put on every morning. It's a habit now, so it's pretty much second nature.

Anyone up for a challenge? Go to Walgreens' get a $3.00 box and join me! Add me as a friend ... I'm PaleoMermaid!

Here's a link to their website: Walk with Walgreens

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