Monday, April 23, 2012


For weeks I have been hearing a different sounding bird outside our office window late in the day. I thought it might be a hawk, but I wasn't positive. Yesterday I was outside taking sheets off the line and I saw what I thought was a white hawk with gray patches on its wings. Well, today I heard it again, so I grabbed a camera and headed outside. Low and behold, there were TWO white hawks in one of our aspen trees! They flew off one by one, but I could see one in a neighbor's tree, so I took a walk ... So glad I did because I was able to get these photos! I'll be keeping tabs on them now that I know what they sound like!

Added April 25, 2012 ... 
I have since discovered that these are White-Tailed Kites! Still in the hawk family, but a bit more compact. They love to eat mice and voles ... Who knew?!
More photos to follow!

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