Saturday, April 14, 2012

EXERCISE: Walking? Wear a Pedometer!

Again, I am reprinting this from Walk with Walgreens. 

Omron® The Partner You Can Count On

You’d be surprised by how many steps you already take each day; a few hundred walking to the bus, another couple hundred going down the block for lunch, and with an Omron Pedometer you’ll know just how many steps you’re taking and begin looking for ways to see that number get bigger every day.

A Few Steps Toward a Healthier Life

Walking is a great way to stay healthy. In fact, walking 10,000 steps a day is widely recommended by health and fitness professionals, and when you track your steps with a pedometer, like the Omron HJ-112, studies show you’re likely to increase your total number of steps a day by 2,000 or 1 miles*

Getting Started

Warm Up First:
before your walk, stretch (arm circles, hip circles, and leg lifts to get your blood flowing and reduce the risk of injury.

Use a Pedometer:
You can count on Omron pedometers to accurately track your daily routine and help you reach your recommended 10,000 daily steps.

Set Goals:
Begin slowly and work your way up. By setting goals you'll push yourself farther and achieve more. Try adding a half mile every other day to your daily steps, and then increase to a half mile daily.

Mix It Up:
Add variety to your routine by changing pace, walking up hill, or just changing your route.

Add Resistance:
Include some upper body exercises as you walk such as arm reaches or carrying water bottles in each hand to increase your calorie burn.

I bought the HJ-150 a couple of days ago ... at $19.99 at Walgreen's, how can you go wrong?

    The Pedometer With A Brain™
    Easy to UseWear on your hip to accurately track and measure your daily achievements. Advanced Technology with the Smart Sensor The Gosmart Hip Pedometer is more advanced than pedometers that use a pendulum design.  The Smart Sensor, the brain inside the GOsmart Hip Pedometer, knows exactly when you're taking a step.  It filters out non-walking movements so you know your step count is accurate.  Since it has no moving parts - there are no loud clicking sounds.
    The large screen displays:
    • Steps
    • 7-day memory
    • Clock
    It also automatically resets at midnight - so it's always ready to go for a walk
    • Pedometer
    • Battery installed
    • Instruction Manual
    This product contains a CR Type Coin Lithium Battery which contains Perchlorate Material - special handling may apply.
    Made in China
    Storage Conditions: -4°F min. - +140°F max.
    © 2008 Omron Healthcare, Inc.

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