Sunday, January 1, 2012

CRAFT: Room Fresheners

Twice a year I go through my jars of herbs and spices and give them all the 'sniff' test. If they don't smell wonderful, out they go. Okay, so some herbs and spices last longer than six months, but it's just easier to sniff them all when going through them. I found several that needed to be tossed, so I poured them out and prepared the plastic containers for recycling.

It's right then that something dawned on me. These small little containers with vented inserts would be GREAT for housing room fresheners! Who doesn't have a closet or drawer or litter box area that could smell better? So here's what I did ...

Empty spice containers, slotted inserts and lids.
Vanilla and Lavender essential oils.
Baking soda
Glue stick
Satin ribbon
2 large rubber bands
Tablespoon for measuring baking soda

1. Put 4 tablespoons of baking soda into clean, dry spice containers.
2. Add 10 drops essential oils.
3. Place lid on jar and shake vigorously to blend oils with baking soda.
4. Cut 12" ribbon for each container. (I doubled it since the ribbon I used is white.)
5. Apply an adequate layer of glue to the back side of the ribbon.

6. Attach ribbon to container and wrap tightly and evenly until all ribbon is used.
7. Attach slotted lid, then solid lid.
8. I put a large rubber band around each one until the glue dried just as precautionary measure.
9. When ready to use, remove lid and enjoy!

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