Wednesday, January 25, 2012


There is NOTHING Paleo about this birthday cake!!! I made it for Conrad's son's 16th birthday. He's a "carboholic" and a "chocoholic" ... I'm working on him ... He's often an official taster for my recipes!

I'm not really going to post a recipe because you can use whatever flavors of cake  and icing you want. The Kit Kats and M&Ms cover it all up anyway! Here's a photo progression of how I made and decorated the cake.
The new birthday cake platter ...
 Layer #1 of oooey-goooey chocolate cake ...
 What I'll use to decorate the cake ...
 Layer #1 is iced.
 Layer #2 is miraculously in place ... Don't ask! lol
 Cake is iced.
 Kit Kats are in place. (This is a 9" cake and it took 5 1/2 large [double] sized bars to go all the way around.)
 Tied the ribbon to hold it all together.
 I was even able to find this small "Happy Birthday" ribbon, so I glued it on.
 M&Ms are in place ...
 "Happy Birthday" is in place ...
 The 1 and 6 are in place ...
 Pokeys, Pokeys everywhere!

 Yeah, he looks pretty darned happy!
 He could NOT stop thanking me for this cake!
 I used two layers of triple chocolate lava cake, so you can see why I say it's oooey-goooey!
 All in all, I think he had a very good birthday!
PS - I did eat a small piece of this cake and to be honest I felt like CRAP afterwards! Eating good, Paleo recipes for the entire month of January! I'll be working on a suitable PALEO substitute for a chocolate cake before I have to bake another one!


  1. My body hurt just looking at the photos....SO much sugar!!! You made a sixteen year old VERY happy, my teen turns 16 this year...he is the only one in the family left to convert to Paleo...he is the hardest but at least he is making healthier choices most of the time. Happy 16th to your son, and I am so glad to have found your blog...BIG lover of mermaids and devout Paleo :)

    1. Hi! I know what you mean about converting teens. It would be a whole lot easier if he lived with us, but we only have him every other weekend, and sugar seems to be a food group all its own in their home. We were out of town for his birthday this year, but he has asked me to make him another one for the next time he comes over ... Little does he know it, but this one will be a whole lot healthier! :-)