Monday, January 2, 2012

TOOLS: Stainless Steel Woks

Good morning, everyone! Well, noon, actually! I've been busy this morning and just now getting around to adding this entry. I made bacon and eggs this morning to serve with the muffins left over from yesterday, and it hit me ... I need to tell you about some very cool cookware I recently added to my kitchen arsenal. =)
Stainless Steel Hammered Karhai Woks! I found them at World Market the other day. My mind went wild with a flurry of ideas as to how to use them, so I just had to get one in all three sizes. They are very affordable:
9.75" is $12.99
7.5"   is $5.99
5.25" is $3.99
Not only can you cook on the stove with them, but you can bake in them as well as serve in them! They are beautiful and functional. I like them so much I am going back to buy another small one and another medium one so I can bake individual servings in them! I like the look of them so much that I decided to hang them on the wall rather than store them away in a cabinet!
Here's an image I grabbed straight from the World market website ...
Here are mine ...
Here's a link:  Karhai Woks
***NOTE*** I liked them so well I went back and bought two more small and one more medium woks! I figured they'd be great to bake individual casseroles in!

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  1. Halo

    would you mind sharing how exactly to use the woks for baking? thanks :)